Designing for spring/summer 2019

hello. Well it’s been a fair few months since I’ve sat down and done the blogging thing. Apologies. I would make excuses but I don’t have any other than life as a mum of three. Anyway, I came to write about what’s been doing with the shop. Well….lots of lovely developments. The first patterns made to my designs have been made and the first samples all made up and worn tried and tested by my girls. There’s  lots of photographs showing them over on Instagram if you want to see them in action. I’ve had my first labels made up and I’ve changed the packaging too. So you see I’ve haven’t been sat on my bum eating  Christmas leftovers till it’s time for chocolate eggs!



I thought it it might be nice to show you some of the process. Focusing on one idea at a time is not my strong suit so what I tend to do is sketch a lot then pick out what I think would make a nice collection. This first collection has three styles so far but lots of lovely fabric choices. The first samples were made up in the rust cord and the wine check as I wanted them to transition from cold months into  the spring. I think the cord look so really nice with a pretty floral for example the Babs apron with  a floral blouse underneath or the wine check Polly with a lovely aran Cardigan and little wellies. See when I begin the process I already have an idea of a costume as my nana would say in my head. Obviously the Babs in a gingham check would look amazing and so summery , in my head that’s on a beach with a plain white tee and no shoes with salty sea air making tangles in hair.  So then I sketch the shape out and that then gets made into a pattern. I then source the fabrics I think would work well and suddenly bobs your uncle and fannys your aunt and the sketch is a real life Frock!

So there you have it a rather rambling look at the bit of designing that’s been going on behind the scenes. I hope you like it. X



A visit to Father Christmas


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I’m sure we all remember a visit to the grotto with our parents when we were little. Is it just me that seems to remember it being much more of an occasion than it is now? I mean the department store would go all out and it was always so magic but now it seems stick a santa in a little box cue outside and that’s your lot.

its all a bit sad and high speed modern tech for me indicative of how we live these days but I do feel especially in the festive period we all want to slow down and really live so I searched for a great Christmas grotto to take the girls too. We found one!

Into Trafford centre are doing a Peter rabbit themed grotto this year and let me say it doesn’t disappoint. They promise a walk through to the big man filled with a chat with Peter, biscuit decorating with jemima and a song with mr Tod. You can even peep into his cooking pot if your brave.


we went on a Monday as it was very booked up and busy but it was so worth it. We arrived a few minute early so we could park the pram and get everyone ready the suddenly a little door is opened and out peeps Peter rabbit. Ok it’s a chap dressed as Peter but he is fab with the kids and really embodies the rabbit in the blue coat. He invites us in for a little chat filled with lots of shouting for other characters and questions to get everyone involved before he reviews a very secret tunnel in his sandy burrow which the children can crawl through. What’s really nice is that he let us take lots of photos as in previous years taking your own photos wasn’t allowed. As you can see Violet was really happy about this haha.


once the tunnel has been found and the little ones come through the other end your in a big room with a table and jemima puddleduck ready to decorate biscuits. Mr toss den is in there too and the two interact a lot. The kids get to do the biscuits and are given a little box to take them away in then you pop over to the den. Mr Tod is fab. He really was a sly fox but assures you he’s offmeat this Christmas and even invites the grave to look into his pot to make sure! After a lovely sing song you go off to find the man in red seeing if you can spot his pants hanging to dry thanks to mrs tiggywinkle.

we found the que really quite fast I think this is because they have two rooms going but they didn’t rush us at all once in there and let me just say the elves were wonderful and particularly good in helping wrangle a wandering two year old.

Father Christmas was a blooming brilliant wonderfully jolly man. He and shimmer the elf welcomed us in and he gave the girls a knee each and charred to them about what was on their list had they been good and what they were doing at school. Violet loved it so much when asked what she wanted for Christmas she replied “that” pointing at shimmer the elf! Not only was he really lovely his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly his Rosie cheeks looked very authentic his beard was carefully curled and mrs Claus takes wonderful care of that suit. A quick photo was snapped and then off we went in search of some warming drinks and lunch. All my girls received a lovely gift and we allowed them to open it while we waited for lunch. I was so so pleased to see not a bit of plastic but a beautiful little festive day was had by us and if your looking for a brilliant grotto visit I would recommend booking as soon as you can.copy of Peter rabbits Christmas tale book. All in all a fabulous


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A little prince for Christmas.

We all know that Prince George is the king of boys classic style right now. Always managing to look adorably smart yet comfy and with the Dutchess using little nostalgic nods to William and Harry’s childhood outfits it was always going to work. Christmas is a time of year when even people who don’t normally go in for classic or traditional styles might choose to wander that way, I’m not sure if it’s that we all want to create that perfect Christmas complete with our little ones looking like they should be extras in miracle on 34th street or if it’s just that we feel a bit closer to our own childhoods and like to reminisce? Either way I love it. So with that in mind let’s look at George and how to work his look this festive period…

Lets start with an idea for those grotto visits,



This outfit was worn at the christening of his little sister Charlotte but I think it would look lovely and very festive on the Father Christmas photographs. We have two inspired outfits available for younger boys and a slightly darker burgundy one which would look lovely on a slightly older boy of 5.

Now on to Christmas Eve,


George’s dressing gown was a gift from President obama and is available from My 1st years but just look how perfect these little pyjamas would be for underneath it.



The big day! Christmas…

One of my favourite outfits on Prince George was the one on the photos realised for his first Christmas, the little solider tank top.



We used the tank top in our shoot last year and it’s back this year because I just love it so

Another option for this look is a little romper with smocked detailing


So there you have it a little guide to Prince George Christmas look with all these beautiful pieces available on our website Peggy Polly &Jack


Creating a classic capsule wardrobe.


Buying pieces for your child’s wardrobe can be overwhelming, It can also get a little addictive resulting in a bulging wardrobe and an empty purse if your anything like me! But the good thing about dressing them in a classic style is that if you buy well the pieces last (often well enough to be fantastic hand-me-downs) and that they don’t go out of fashion so you can get more than a season out of them. The other plus is that they always look well put together and I promise you will be complimented on this very often. We get told Violet looks like a little dolly daily. So what are the must have investment items to get your little one looking sharp?

A dress coat.


This is a beautiful one from La coqueta kids Wool is usually a good choice as it’s warm without being bulky, a colour like navy grey or burgundy will go with everything and double breasted looks the best. Obviously this is not a play in the snow kind of coat so you will need a anorak type too but for creating that perfect look this is a must have.

Mary Jane or t-bar shoes.

Mary Janes for girls and t-bars on both boys and girls are always a firm favourite. Apart from supporting the foot correctly they look gorgeous, they go with anything, can be dressed up or down and can be found in most good shoe shops. There’s a reason these styles don’t fall out of favour. These wine coloured ones by Dõna carmen are the ones Princess Charlotte wore in the school photos and if your looking for patent or a more neutral tone these charcoal grey ones from Cecellia belle are perfect.


The perfect Frock. 

Lets talk frocks. Dresses. Party dresses, everyday dresses. Dresses for Christmas for spring and summer. Dresses with flowers and frills and bows. Frocks with cap sleeves and a sash at the waist. Dresses are always a good idea, it’s part of the fun of having a little girl. Trust me I know I have three. The key with classic dresses is shape and detail. Look at the length the knee is always a good point for it to fall and a slightly full skirt looks so pretty. Collars weather a little frill or a Peter Pan collar are a good idea as they can be worn showing over a cardigan. A gather at the bustline or even better smocking it a beautiful detail and take its from just any old dress to a real classic style.  Like this one from Amaia kids and the collar and bow detail on this Pepa & co Frock is stunning, or this pretty little example from Charlotte sy dimby




Short trousers.

It cannot of escaped your notice that royal boys are in shorts when they are little not chinos or jeans or cords. This is because it’s a very English thing to have boys in shorts till around the age of 6 it’s one of those silent and subtle little class markers we English have. Either way I think it looks so adorable. Flat front shorts look the best like these ones from Amaia kidsIMG_1259



Peter Pan collars.

Is there anything more lovely than a little Peter Pan collar peeking over knitwear? Personally I like them on little blouses or dresses for girls too but boys shirts are just what’s called for I think. This lovely one from Amaia Kids is nice with the extra detail of piping.IMG_1262



A basic in every wardrobe I think especially if you live in a climate like rainy old England. Jumpers with collars worn out for little boys add that little touch of smart style and little cardigans over dresses for girls not only keep little arms warm but are another little layer to help pull a look together. Princess Charlotte often wears matching tights  and hair bows to coordinate with her cardigans. A mix of pattern and plain knits is a good idea in their wardrobe like these from a royal favourite Pepa and co





Tights and Bows.

It often the little things like this that really make a look. The devil is in the detail after all. The Dutchess Kate likes to choose a colour complimenting a dress for example burgundy and grey which she’s a fan off and use this through the outfit so maybe a dress with burgundy floral detail with grey tights and a burgundy bow and shoes. Never underestimate the power of a good bow and come on it there anything more classic call the midwife nostalgic than a oversized hair bow?  Amaia kids has a wide selection it’s also where some of toddler Charlottes smaller bows are from.



Newborn  must haves.


We all remember those first photos of the royal babies outside the Lindo wing. Beautiful shawls and Charlottes little bonnet were every inch the perfect picture of newborn loveliness, you could practically smell that newborn head smell! The little knitted sets of a top and pants with feet are a lovely alternative to a sleepsuit or babygrow whist still being easy for changing time and comfy for the wee one. Bonnets, need I say more? I mean who doesn’t love a bonneted babe? This outfit and bonnet from Pepa&co are very similar to those chosen by The Dutchess. Speaking of royal iyt they are also a fan like myself of a shawl. The shawl on the left is from G.h.Hurt favoured by the royals but this other one from Marks and spencer is a lovely budget friendly option too. Sticking with a neutral cream or white palette is also nice way to dress your baby in a lovely classic way, trust me you will have plenty of requests for pink and sparkly and pepa pig logo stuff in the years to come!

What is classic childrenswear and do I like it?

The options when dressing your little ones these days is endless. So many places now do children’s clothing and it can range from just a few pounds on the high street to hundreds in the luxury designer boutiques. I can tell you as both a mummy to three girls and someone’s who’s worked in retail Childrenswear I’ve seen all sides of it. There’s also in recent years been a growing market for Spanish traditional styles too with plenty of online shops selling these. Children’s fashion is big business! It seems to me there’s two camps. The Kim k camp of modern fashion driven style, with little ones dressed like mini me’s or the other camp…The Dutchess. Dressing children in timeless classic clothing and keeping them looking like children. Now I’m probably 85% dutchess 15% Kim. I love my girls in classic styles but then there are days I choose to pop them in more modern leggings and sneakers and scandi style top. But I don’t stray into the territory of belly tops designer handbags and grown up looking shoes there’s plenty of time for that and as north west is where I live not the name of my daughter I think I might stay away from it! Haha

so which are you? Are you dressing your child classically?

well take a look at the pieces you choose for them. Are you sneakers or t-bars kind of gal? Do you love bloomers? Are tights and dresses or knee socks and shorts your thing? Do you look at the mini royals and love their looks? If you answered yes then chances are you will love classic Childrenswear.

So now you just want to know where to shop and how to put outfits together. Well stay tuned for the next few blogs and see just how x

Rebecca x

welcome welcome

Hello there, thank you for clicking on that little blog link on the shop. A blog is something I’ve toyed with doing for a while now so I hope you come to like it.  For me it’s like a conversation between myself and my customers or a little brochure picked up from the till. A way to connect and get to know you and you know me. Until the day I have a bricks and mortar building to hang my sign over and call shop I’m going to use a blog a website and Instagram to full advantage. So please come back for my future natterings. It’s lovely to have you.


Rebecca x